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We. Are. Builders.

Visionary... Solutions

  • We consult, architect, design, code, build & manage end-to-end.
  • Joint-Marketing using "Partnered Brands" concept.
  • Highly-responsive & feature-rich deployments.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.
  • See LIVE sample. One of many!
  • 100% cloud-based solutions with Mobile apps.

  • Migrating your current setup? Let us help YOU!
  • We fully insure all projects.
  • We are experienced in delivering disruptive Custom Google Ads Online Promotion Projects, AI, web & web3. Solutions that takes your business to the next level.



  • Consulting & solutions-building done right.
  • Full tech infrastructure in place.
  • We have been working in code development, Google Ads Management (GAM) & in-depth project management trenches for nearly two decades.
  • Serving both Private & Government sectors.
  • We deliver custom code with integrations.
  • Opensource tools specialists.
  • Cybersecurity integrations specialists.
💲 i.e. think least cash burn (yup...YOUR CASH).
On-time. Every time.
🎲 Don't gamble with your projects.
  • No-nonsense rapid results (PoC, MVP, Production AND Maintain).
  • Experienced team spread across USA, Canada & EMEA.
  • Deep experience Matters.
  • Urgent, impactful & democratized.
🚀 i.e. think best price of entry for everyone.


📤 You "get what you pay for."
👨‍💻 Don't hire vendors ONLY based on cost.
⬆️ Your projects deserve better.


  • Privacy-first using global EU-approved GDPR.
  • We host powered by 100% renewable energy wherever available with all our sub-processing partners...
    • green office-spaces
    • green systems & data-hosting
    • & green contactless
  • We maintain a tight ZERO Financial and ZERO Technical Debt policy.
  • We consistently deliver advanced partnered products & services.
  • In-Depth docs & content.
  • We have worked on projects for major industrial outfits in energy & healthcare as well as startups at many levels of development.
  • Insured for peace-of mind for your liability concerns.
  • We give back to Climate Mitigation & other worthy causes in tangible ways.

Real Solutions... 100% SaaS


👋 Yes we build: backend, frontend & scenarios-automations! 👋
  • AI
  • Ads promos (Google)
  • Web3 & Blockchain
  • APIs
  • Mobile
  • ERP + Amazing Add-Ons!
  • B2C, B2B
  • PLUS...Boosts
👋 Our solutions allow the best Web 3.0 & Web3 experiences possible 👋
  • i.e. the way apps in the original Internet were designed to work.

...more about us

📍We're named to honor historical mount Katla in Iceland.
📍Partnered Products & Services enhancing all our brands. (Shopzyte eLe Marketplace Tools, Hire Us, Smarter AI & more!)
📍Better R & D through design, builds & successful deployments.
📍Experienced engineers, managers and customer success professionals.
  • We're named in honor of historical mount Katla.
  • Partnered Services enhancing brands.
  • (Shopzyte Marketplace Tools, Hire Us, Smarter AI, HotBuyz & more!)
📍Made with 💞 in the USA.

We're Actively Contributing

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